Life Coaching, Christian Counseling & Discipleship Training in Person & ONLINE.

- Experience healing for the wounded heart, restoration for the soul, mind renewal, and spiritual growth in Christ.

Mission Statement

Our desire at URFM is to assist you to experience healing for the wounded heart, restoration for the soul, and spiritual growth in Christ. Our prayer and deep desire is that through the Holy Spirit you will experience Jesus Christ as your very SOURCE of LIFE. 

Through individual or small group meetings and retreats, URFM is committed to create an environment where healing, restoration, and spiritual freedom can be experienced. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, URFM is making disciples and equipping them for the Kingdom of God. URFM ministers for the spiritual growth of all believers. 

The goal is that every member of Christ’s Body would attain the Ultimate Intention – the fullness of Christ. 

Most Christians have been taught that Jesus Christ died for their sins. Some embraced Christ as their Lord. Only a few have been taught the TRUTH that they died with HIM and experience CHRIST as their LIFE. Consequently, even fewer find victory in their lives. Although they have been set free from their SINS, they have not been set free from THEMSELVES. 

For any specific spiritual needs you may have please contact us. We will do our best to help you. God bless you all!

With Love in HIS Service, 
Valy & Elena Vaduva 
Founders of Upper Room Fellowship Ministry