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Celebrating God with us in life and ministry!

It just dawned on me the other day that ten years ago I decided to ‘jump’ by faith into full time ministry. Wow! Ten years of experiencing God’s faithfulness first hand.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Back then I used to work as an engineer for an internationally known medical disposable research company. It felt good to have my name on the door, an office with a view, and a good paycheck coming every month. However, despite the earthly rewards, my heart was not into the engineering career anymore. As many of you know in 2002 I had a stroke; but praise God who touched me in a special way. Then the Holy Spirit pulled me out of a long dark depression that lasted more than eighteen months. At the start of 2004, my heart was yearning for something else. I wanted more of God. I wanted to make a difference for God’s kingdom. Then it happened! At the beginning of July 2004, my boss came into my office, and closed the door behind him. He said: “Valy, our department is going to taper down and close. All the engineers working in this department will be let go, including me. The sad news is that you are the first to be let go. Starting tomorrow your position is eliminated.” Even though I expected something like this to happen, hearing: “starting tomorrow you no longer have a job,” roared like thunder in my soul. After a few minutes, I pulled myself together and went outside to call my wife. “Hey, I am calling to let you know that I am a FREE MAN!” God spoke to me through that event. I took that layoff from the hand of God. I fully believed that He FREED me up to WORK for Him and His Kingdom. Starting July 2004, I dedicated my spirit, soul and body for the work of the ministry. Please understand that working full-time in the ministry requires a lot of time, effort and strength to fight the spiritual battles. It also relies heavily on financial resources from faithful friends and partners like you. The key is the decision. After that the JOY that comes from the Lord is incomprehensible and does not compare with anything this world has to offer us.

 During these ten years I had my ups and down. 


With LOVE in Christ’s service,
Valy Vaduva
Spiritual Mentor / Life Coach

Hang on God’s Faithfulness

I would like to share with you all something personal… I hope it would shed some light and explain why I am so determined to keep on keeping on with the work of URFM ministry called Spiritual Growth and Maturity. 

Soon after the medical company that I used to work for as an engineer closed its doors, I felt very strongly God’s call into full time ministry. Long story short… I did not pursue my engineering career and obeyed the leading of the Holy Spirit. And, as they say, the rest is history. 

That was in 2004. Soon after that decision I went into a short term mission trip in another state. In that particular church there was a prophetic utterance for me. I still remember it like it was yesterday! It was like this:

“Son, I gave you the sack with the seed for Spiritual Growth and Maturity. It is your responsibility to sow the seed. And I, God, will take care of the growth.”

I treasured that message from the Holy Spirit in my heart. And, every time, when the road gets tough and I don’t see that many results, I hang on God’s faithfulness: I am responsible to sow the seed and God is responsible for the final harvest. This is true. According to the words of St. Paul, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth” (1 Cor. 3:6). This is why I am so determined to keep on keeping on.

Please continue to pray for us and the work that God called us to do here at URFM. May God blessed you all!

With devotion in His Service,
Valy Vaduva
Spiritual Mentor / Life Coach

Elena Short Professional Disclosure Statement:

Elena is serving on the board of Upper Room Fellowship Ministry. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors. She is a member of the American Counseling Association. She is also a member of AACC and graduated from their Christian training.

  • Master of Arts in Counseling (May 2011: Spring Arbor University, MI, USA)

  • Advanced Training Institute Certificate (1996: AELM, MI, USA)

  • Master in Applied Economics (2005: Eastern Michigan University, MI, USA)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (1994: University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, ROMANIA).

Valy Short Professional Disclosure Statement

Valy Vaduva is the President of Upper Room Fellowship Ministry. He is a Professionally Trained Life Couch through the Light University (LU). Valy is a Certified Life Coach by the American Association of Christian Counselor



  • Master in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (May 2011: Spring Arbor University, MI, USA)

  • Advanced Training Institute Certificate (1996: AELM, MI, USA)

  • Bachelor in Engineering (1990: Polytechnic University, Bucharest, ROMANIA).​

Elena Vaduva

Valy Vaduva